Sunday, February 13, 2011

1) All College Hockey East (CHE) Dues and Referee’s fees must be paid in full by 2/21/11. 2) All players must be registered with CHE by completing the CHE player application, waiver/release, and player agreement forms. 3) Remember that all regular season game suspensions carry into CHE playoff games. Any player who plays and is not eligible by any means will cause the offending team to forfeit. If there are playoff game forfeitures, the offending team(s) will be fined $300.00 due immediately and subject to membership suspension from CHE. 4) All players are to report to the ice rink at least 60 minutes prior to their scheduled game time in order to have enough time to check in at the registration table and then proceed to the team locker room and dress for the game. 5) All players must have their valid college or university photo ID card with them as they enter the ice rink. One hour before games, I will have CHE tournament personnel at the ice rink checking identification of all players who plan to participate in the playoffs/championship series games. There will be a table set up in the rink lobby where all players will check in before going to the team locker room. Please cooperate in this matter, as it will be standard operating procedure for this and all subsequent CHE tournaments. Any player who does not possess the proper identification will be prohibited from playing. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS! I do not want to exclude players from playing but I want to avoid any possibility of ineligible individuals playing in the CHE Playoffs/Championship tournament games. 6) Lockers will be assigned with the team name on the door, and each team will be responsible for their own key and securities along with any clean up and/or damages to locker rooms. Teams are only permitted the locker rooms they are assigned by rink management. No team may use an unauthorized locker room at any time, unless use is approved by the CHE Commissioner. Teams who are found using an unauthorized locker room will be instructed to remove their equipment immediately, regardless of circumstance. 7) There will be a designated “Players Area” for all players who are not dressed for play or those watching the games before or after arrival to the rink. Players are not permitted in the stands with fans at any time during the post season. Any player ejected from play for any reason MUST remain in their locker room for the duration of the contest regardless of circumstance. 8) Each team is obligated to provide their own water bottles. The designated “Home Team” must supply the warm-up pucks for the visitors. 9) Teams are required to bring their home AND away jerseys (light and dark) to all post season games. 10) There will be a “Zero-Tolerance” policy in effect during all post season games. I will not tolerant any manner of poor conduct or abuse by players, coaches, or fans towards on-ice or off-ice officials. I expect all non-playing personnel and players to maintain the highest level of professionalism regardless of circumstance or outcome. Any issued “Game Misconducts” during the post season will be examined for possible supplemental discipline if warranted to the players and/or coaches. 11) Rink personnel will be present at the ice rink before, during, and after all playoff/championship games. Consumption of illegal drugs and/or alcohol in the parking lots, ice rink stands, or team locker rooms is strictly prohibited. Please inform all players and fans of this ban. I will instruct the public address announcer to broadcast this warning against the consumption of drugs and alcohol anywhere in the building or parking lot areas around the ice rink. 12) All post season games will be officiated under the officiating system of One (1) Referee and Two (2) Linesmen. 13) The overtime procedure for the post season shall be a 20-minutes sudden death format. The ice shall be resurfaced upon completion of regulation play. The teams shall not change ends. If after the first overtime period the game is still tied, we will continue the 20-minutes sudden death overtime format until a winner is decided. (Reference NCAA Rule ‘6-56-a’) 14) Players who need their skates sharpened are to do so as early as possible to avoid chaos. All CHE Coaches, Players, and League Officers must attend all CHE League Sponsored events in a shirt and tie to and from all games.  Players and Coaches are not permitted to wear warm-ups to league sponsored events.  Coaches and Players are permitted to wear their warm-up jacket over their shirt and tie only.  CHE Coaches are also not permitted to wear caps.  This includes the All-Star Game, College Expo, Playoffs and the Championship Series. Violation of the dress code will result in a $25.00 fine per case to the offending team. The Standardized CHE Game protocol will be used for all post season games. The protocol is subject to change at the direction of the Commissioner and/or CHE League Officers. Good Luck and Remember to practice good sportsmanship at all times!