Sunday, February 13, 2011

PSUA WILL OPEN UP THE CHE PLAYOFFS AGAINST THE UPJ ICECATS ON FEBRUARY 26TH AT 4:20PM AT BLADE RUNNERS ICE COMPLEX IN BETHEL PARK. THE WINNER WILL ADVANCE TO PLAY CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY IN THE SEMI-FINALS AT 1:00PM ON SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27TH ALSO AT BETHEL PARK. ATTACHED BELOW ARE A FEW RULES AND REGULATIONS FROM THE LEAGUE DIRECTOR: Please keep in mind that all players who participate on or off the ice are NOT fans. Therefore, they are expected to act like a member of CHE whether they are playing or not. There will be designated Player Area for players watching the games. No players or team managers are permitted to sit in the fans designated sections. Furthermore, There are several items that I want to make special note of. These items are also listed on the attached Post Season Rules and Procedures… 1. All students must arrive to register at the arena at least 60-minutes prior to the posted warm-up times listed above. 2. All Players and Coaches must wear a shirt and tie to and from the arena for this and all CHE sponsored events. Anyone serving behind the bench, including non-dressed players, are NOT permitted to wear hats. 3. All Students MUST have their VALID school photo ID with them at registration to be eligible to participate. There is a zero tolerance policy to this rule and it will be enforced without exception! 4. We will present the Divisional Championship Banners and Kaleina Cup to the respective winners at the start of the team’s first game in the Playoffs immediately following the National Anthem. 5. All teams are responsible for bringing their own water bottles. The designated “Home Team” will be responsible for supplying the warm-up pucks for the games. 6. All games will follow the standardized CHE game protocol that will include PA announcements and National Anthem prior to the start of the games. I reserve the right to amend and will instruct any teams of changes in the game protocol. Regardless, games two and four will start immediately after the first games each day are completed. The warm-up protocol may be amended for time constraints. 7. All teams must read the attached Welcome Letter and Post Season Rules and Regulations! Any decisions made during the playoffs regarding players, coaches and/or fans will be final and will be without appeal. 8. Several awards ceremonies will be conducted during select intermissions. Teams will be notified of such ahead of time. 9. Security will be present during the post season. There will be a zero tolerance policy regarding misconduct by any players, coaches and or fans in attendance. Anyone causing issues will be ejected from the building regardless of circumstance.